19 thoughts on “Consumer Radio – HAM / Amateur Radio – Antennas: Part 2a – Intro to antennas, tuning and QRM

  1. that was a lot of noise from that Yuasa. is it a transmitter or just a receiver?

    speaking of south africa, I got the impression from a couple of people there that it was in decline so to speak. is it still livable or is it in jeopardy? are white folks moving out or is it not that bad.

  2. It is a transmitter but it was just in receive mode…I still need to investigate.
    I would say South Africa has its issues but would not say it’s in decline. It’s a stunning place to live…we need to resolve key issues like crime and high unemployment…but otherwise the way of life here is great and it’s very beautiful.

  3. Those displays throw of a lot of QRM. The front end on those portable radios are not as sophisticated as your rig and will pick up more QRM as a result.

  4. Very Nice Shack.. i have been a ham for a long time now. I currently do not have any radios, but will again someday.. Hopefully we can connect someday on the radio.. Soon i hope. would love to have a yeasu ft 950 what an awesome rig.. 73s Ai1i…

  5. Thanks for keeping this simple. I want to get into this hobby but dont have the experience to set up a huge antenna and kit.

  6. did you have the battery charger on charging the battery, I use a Watson W30AM veriable power supply , perfect.
    Paul M0BSW UK radio Amateur

  7. This radio gave me a surprise. It is far better than what I expected or dreamed of. The antenna that comes with it allowed me to reach local repeaters with ease.
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to17AQYM4

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