Consumer Radio – HAM / Amateur Radio – Antennas: Tecsun PL-398MP FM / SW Radio

I do a review of the main features of the Tecsun PL-398MP. It can be found here: This is portable rad…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 thoughts on “Consumer Radio – HAM / Amateur Radio – Antennas: Tecsun PL-398MP FM / SW Radio

  1. Very nice review, thank you! Thank you. Just ordered mine, but the model is PL-398BT. BT means it has Bluetooth instead of MP3 player. The Hong Kong ebay shop promised a small MP3-player as a free extra. It should arrive in one week.

  2. Hello Martin, thanks for another enjoyable video. I guess the only thing I’d like in a radio like this (but is asking a bit much for the price I know!) is SSB reception so I could listen to amateurs chatting away. Here is Australia we have DAB+ Digital Radio. Problem is that most of the digital radios have the same ‘stepped’ volume control arrangement as this little radio. You don’t notice until you need to keep the noise down a bit that the volume steps can be a bit steep! Regards, Craig VK3CRG

  3. Thanks for the compliment. Yes…the SSB would be nice. Glad you concur with the stepped volume…it seems trivial until you are in a quiet situation and need to have more granular adjustment of the volume. Cheers, Martin.

  4. hope they fix the volume step. my PL606 is great but the late night listening isnt so good. that volume goes quiet-quiet-loud !

  5. Another fantastic review, thank you, i really enjoy your videos. I have the Tecsun PL390 (without MP3-Player) but i think it’s mostly identical to your receiver. I’m also really satisfied.

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